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1994 Sencorp blister former/sealer
Alloyd 6 head rotory blister sealer
Roots 40 HP lobe Blower
Fogg Mdl 5A High speed bottle unscrambler
Hoppmann FRS 60
PesterPewo Pack 450SN
Kalix 4 inch auto load cartoner
Little David random case taper
Westfalia multi-purpose laboratory centrifuge
Black bulk valve bag packers
Premier Lab Disperser
Mateer Automatic Filler with Weight Cell
Gump Pressure sifter 43 inch
Arde Barcinco D1000 Dispersershear continuous mixer
Bivins Vertuck Cartoner Model 74
RePack pressure sensative wrap around labler (number 1 )
RePack wrap around pressure sensitive labler (Number 2 )
ALCOA SCREW CAPPER, Model 212-8, 8 head
316 SS Delaval Separator BB Lab Centrifuge 12 x 5.5
Pace M 600
Unused Zanasi capsule filler parts
Adco vertical cartoner
Corblin B2C 1000 ser B2124
Bivins Vertuck Cartoner Model 72
Arenco filler set up for small jars.
18 in wide X 7 ft long conveyo
Casa Herrera Dual Line Flour Tortilla sheeter
Fedco 1000/2000 continuous mixer/foamer
Goodway model CM 35 - mixer/foamer
Hobart 80 Quart mixer
Joosten wire cut Cookie dropper
24 inch X 8Ft long sanitary conveyor
7 inch wide Rex chain SS body
pack off conveyors
U through sand conveyor
16 spout lipstick filler/compounder
30liter lipstick kettle with 4 head douser
Hoppmann gel canister base spindle feeder capper
1 HP Premier lab Disperser
40 cubic ft Gemco Vacuum dryers
Genhrig drying oven
Spin away dryer
Strong Scott Solidaire Dryer
Detroit 8V92
Cincinnati Fan Model RBE-11 2500 CFM
Dennison model 900 set up for tamp on application
Labelaire 2114 tamp on labeler
Fitzmill DASO6 Hammer Mill
Fugi Foremost flow wrapper
Kinney KD50
Quincy QSVB-10 10 HP 196 CFM vacuum system
Cryovac rotory Vacuum packer
Nercon 48 inch Stainless Steel turn tables
150 gallon closed mix
Cherry Burrell 200 gl sanitary
7000 gal polyethelyne tanks
Polyethelyne 2500 gal tanks
2000 gal WalkerPZ Jacketed Processor
Stokes F-4 tablet press
2 inch Hayward Stainless steel strainer
Anderson cap sorter
Guerin Flour Sifter
Rotex SS 20 X 40
Eastey 16 X 22 L sealer
Sargent 20 X 30 L sealer
Shanklin A-2 automatic shrink wrapper
Shanklin automatic shrink wrapper
Econoline Glove box
550 Gallon Roben reactor 316 SS Contacts
Tuthhill 3 inch Positive Stainless Pump
Viking 10 HP Stainless Steel Jacketed Pump
Durco 3 X 2 X 10 SS centrifugal Stainless Pump
Durco Stainless Steel 2 X 1 X 10
Pulsafeeder 10-100GPH Unused
Unused 2 inch stainless Moyno
Wakeshau 130 w/10HP Drive
Wakeshau 55 Sanitary Pump
Wakeshau model 60
Stainless steel product elevator
Lantech Pallet Strech wrapper
Day Nauta 70 Cubic ft vacuum mixer/dryer
Posimat Bottle unscrambler
MRM/Anderson Filling /trigger/pump insering line
Filling Pump sorting/placing/capping line
MRM / Anderson Filling Line Spray Triggers and Caps

Available !! Located at our North Brunswick NJ facility.

Rotex SS 20 X 40

Click Image to enlarge

Click Image to enlarge

Rotex screen approx 20 by 40 screen dimmensions SS 
contacts model 11ASS/SSAT ser R150975 from plastic 
co.Single separation separates material into coarse 
and fine with ball cleaning kit to keep screen clean 
while in operation 

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